Financial News | WRHL Financial News 2017-03-30T07:34:23Z Financial News Sean Spicer knocks critics of his ‘spirited back-and-forth’ with April Ryan A day after scolding journalist April Ryan during his daily briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said criticism of the now-viral exchange is “demeaning” — to her. Why the Senate Russia Probe Is Trouble for Trump Unlike the House Intelligence committee’s Russia investigation that was thrown into chaos by its chairman, the Senate investigation is being taken very seriously by the Republican Chairman and Democratic Vice-Chairman. Oklahoma man kills three suspected burglars with AR-15 rifle The three had forced their way into the house near the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow on Monday when the homeowner's son opened fire with an AR-15 military-style rifle, Deputy Nick Mahoney, spokesman for the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, said by telephone. The male intruders were wearing all-black clothing, masks and gloves, while one was armed with a knife and another had brass knuckles, according to authorities. 3-Year-Old Sits Down to Have Dinner With Police Officer Who Was Eating Alone The two have a future "playdate" planned. Video of 13-Year-Old Boy’s ‘Excessive’ Pat Down at Dallas Airport Goes Viral The TSA is facing a public backlash on social media after a mother filmed her son being patted down at a security checkpoint at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. ‘I’m a strong black woman’: Maxine Waters says she’s not responding to Bill O’Reilly jab Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., responded Tuesday after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly ridiculed her appearance, saying he was unable to focus during a recent speech she gave on the House floor because he was distracted by her “James Brown wig.” 3 Iraqis living in US accused of hiding ties to kidnapper ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Adil Hasan and his wife, Enas Ibrahim, came to the U.S. in 2008 as refugees from Iraq, and have been living peacefully in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., ever since. Exclusive: Malaysia mistook slain Kim Jong Nam for South Korean By Tom Allard, Emily Chow and James Pearson KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian authorities wrongly identified the slain half-brother of North Korea's leader as a South Korean national and first alerted Seoul's embassy in Kuala Lumpur soon after his death, sources familiar with the incident told Reuters. The police error did have a silver lining: It enabled Seoul to quickly inform Kuala Lumpur the dead man was probably Kim Jong Nam, half-brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Democrats pile on Nunes as intrigue swirls around House Russia probe House intelligence committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is resisting growing calls for him to step aside over the revelation he had gone to the White House grounds to receive classified information related to committee’s investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election. “We’ve been investigating Russia for many, many years,” he said. Pricey New Drug Promises Eczema Relief The FDA has approved a new drug to treat serious cases of the skin condition, but the twice-per-month injections come with a big price tag: $37,000 per year for patients. Bodies of two UN experts found in DR Congo as violence spirals Two foreign UN contractors who were kidnapped in DR Congo have been found dead, one of them decapitated, the government said Tuesday, as spiralling violence in the vast country sparked international condemnation. The bodies of American Michael Sharp and Swedish national Zaida Catalan were found as the UN Security Council prepared for a vote on Wednesday on extending its peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres vowed that the world body would do "everything possible" to bring justice in the case. Special Ed Teacher Arrested Over Alleged Relationship With Student at All-Boys Middle School: Cops Rebecca Goerdel, 28, was arrested Friday for the alleged relationship with an unnamed boy. Holocaust survivor gets standing ovation after confronting ICE director and county sheriff At a public forum on immigration Tuesday in Sacramento, Calif., Holocaust survivor Bernard Marks confronted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan and County Sheriff Scott Jones. "History is not on your side," he said. DNC Chairman Tom Perez Asks For Staff Resignations Perez is in the midst of trying to rebuild the party in the wake of November's stunning election defeat. Duterte to US: Why didn't you send armada vs China islands? MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he has asked the U.S. ambassador why America did not deploy an armada of warships to pressure China to stop constructing man-made islands that are now at the heart of regional concerns in the disputed South China Sea. In one final nod to the Note 7, a Samsung store just caught fire Samsung just can’t catch a break when it comes to fire. After Galaxy Note 7 battery fires forced the company to discontinue the handset shortly after it was released, a Samsung factory caught on fire a few weeks ago, with batteries being partly to blame. Now, just one day before the Galaxy S8 is set to be unveiled so Samsung can finally put the Note 7 behind it, news coming from Singapore reveals that a Samsung store caught on fire in the middle of the night. The fire broke out in the storeroom of the Samsung Experience Store in the AMK Hub mall in the early hours on Thursday morning, Channel News Asia explains. The fire occurred in basement one at 1:25 AM local time and was put out by the fire sprinkler in the room “within minutes,” AMK Hub general manager Andy Ka explained. However, the fire involved “contents measuring 2 square meters in the shop’s storeroom," the report notes. The Singapore Civil Defense Force was alerted seven minutes after the fire started, deploying two fire engines and additional support vehicles to the scene. Samsung confirmed the fire and said it’s investigating the cause. "We are currently assessing the property damage and working closely with the authorities to determine the cause of the fire,” Samsung said. “The store will remain temporarily closed during this period. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused.” Samsung is set to debut the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday, at which point we would expect the Korean giant to go into great detail concerning the battery safety features put in place during the manufacturing process for the brand new handset. ‘Stop shaking your head’: Spicer scolds reporter who asked how Trump administration plans to revamp its image Sean Spicer sparred with veteran reporter April Ryan after she asked him how the Trump administration can “revamp” its public image while several controversies swirl around it. Boeing airliner catches fire in Peru, no serious injuries reported A Boeing jet operated by Peruvian Airlines caught fire on Tuesday while landing at an airport near the Andean town of Jauja in central Peru after it swerved on the runway, but there were no serious injuries, a government minister said. Peruvian Airlines said in a statement that the Boeing 737-300 jet drove off the runway for unspecified reasons during the scheduled landing, after swerving to the right. Authorities are investigating the incident, which occurred about 4:30 p.m., involving the Boeing 737-300 jet at the high-altitude airport in an agricultural valley some 265 kilometers from Lima, the capital. African woman targeted in fresh mob violence in India A Kenyan woman was attacked Wednesday, Indian police said, in the same northern city where a mob had assaulted African students following the death of a local teenager from a suspected drug overdose. The woman was allegedly dragged out of a taxi and repeatedly slapped and kicked by unknown assailants as she returned to her home in Greater Noida, a satellite city outside India's capital New Delhi. The incident came as police stepped up security in the city's sprawling suburbs where mobs on Monday attacked a group of Africans with sticks and metal chairs. Mom Outraged at TSA, Claims They Treated Her Young Son and Family 'Like Dogs' The incident happened Sunday in Dallas. How to Stop ISPs from Selling Your Private Data The Internet may seem like an apolitical entity, but the fact is, the United States government has a great deal of influence over it. On Thursday (Mar. 23), the U.S. Senate voted to overturn an important broadband privacy rule instituted under the Obama administration. Your ISP will continue to be able to collect and sell your online data with reckless abandon, and frankly, unless you’re willing to kneecap your own Internet access, you can’t do much about it. Photos of the day - March 28, 2017 An Indian girl wearing a traditional clothe takes part in the procession to celebrate the Gudi Padwa, Maharashtrian’s New Year in Mumbai, India; Dust and smoke billows out from a residential house which was blown up during a gunfight between militants and Indian soldiers in Durbagh village of Chadoora, 15 km from Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir; and, Tourists view cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing, China. The Latest: McConnell says Senate won't take up 'Obamacare' WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on House Republicans and health care, tax cuts and other issues (all times local): Completely insane architects are planning to hang a skyscraper from an asteroid Words like "insane," "crazy," and "nuts" get thrown around a lot — I use them more than my fair share, if I'm being honest — but a New York design group just revealed plans for a new type of skyscraper that really can't be described any other way. Their plan is to construct a huge structure on the surface of an asteroid and, believe it or not, that's probably the most rational part of the proposal. Clouds Architecture Office is the firm that wants to build the massive skyscraper, which it calls Analemma Tower. The structure, which at this point is completely conceptual and likely completely impossible, would require that an asteroid be captured and brought into near-Earth orbit. With anchor points on the asteroid, the building is designed to — this is the part where things go completely off the rails — hang completely upside down, using the asteroid like a gravitational balloon to hold the structure in place above the Earth's surface. The tower would be in eccentric geosynchronous orbit, and would "travel" between hemispheres on a regular daily schedule, and in a figure eight pattern. The architects say the tower would spend much of its time over New York City thanks to its planned trajectory. The building could remain completely disconnected from the surface indefinitely by drawing power from solar panels situated above cloud level. Water would be filtered within the structure in a semi-closed loop, but the tower could also capture its own water while in-flight. As far as traveling to and from the tower, the concept suggests that people could just parachute down to Earth whenever they needed to leave. As for getting back home, the company doesn't seem to have nailed down exactly how that will work, but by the time the tower is actually built we'll probably have teleportation pads, too. Take A Wild Ride on The Oil Price Roller Coaster No wonder OPEC has been feeling so nauseous lately. Arab leaders seek common ground at summit on Palestinian state By Suleiman Al-Khalidi and Ali Sawafta Dead Sea, JORDAN (Reuters) - Divided Arab leaders arriving in Jordan for a summit on Wednesday are seeking common ground to reaffirm their commitment to a Palestinian state, a longstanding goal that U.S. President Donald Trump last month put into doubt. The Dead Sea meeting is expected to have a bigger turnout than recent Arab summits, Jordanian officials say, and security forces cast a high profile in the capital Amman with armored vehicles standing at traffic junctions as leaders flew in. While they are highly unlikely to bridge rifts over the regional role of Iran or intractable wars in Syria and Yemen, Arab leaders remain united in supporting a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What Ivanka Trump’s New Job Means For Women Ivanka Trump is going to be special assistant to the President and she will make $0. Elizabeth Thomas Case Is A Kidnapping, Not A Romance: Authorities Cummins and Elizabeth vanished March 13, a month after a student saw them kissing at school and a week after the man searched the internet for "teen marriage." Female Honor Student Allegedly Plotted School Shooting: Cops Nichole Cevario's father told officials the teen posed a threat to student safety. Houthi rebels in Yemen threatening strategic strait: US official Houthi rebels in Yemen are threatening free movement into and out of the Red Sea with missiles, mines and other sophisticated defenses on a key strait, a top US general said Wednesday. The Bab el-Mandeb Strait connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, a strategic passage for world trade. Bordering it to the east, Yemen is locked in a deadly civil war between government forces backed by an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Iran-supported Houthis. Watch a Twin-Turbo Ford GT Go From Zero to Nearly 300 MPH in One Mile This heavily-modified 2005 Ford GT just shattered the standing mile world record, hitting 293.6 mph from a dead stop. Prehistoric Prints: 'Unprecedented' Dinosaur Discovery in Australia A team of researchers in Australia just made an incredible discovery – and it involves some seriously massive dinosaur footprints. Elon Musk explains why drivers won’t care about the Model 3’s bizarre dashboard design When Tesla unveiled the Model 3 last year, tech and auto observers couldn't help but notice that the car lacked an instrument cluster. Instead, Tesla representatives suggested that drivers would be able to ascertain all the information they needed right from the car's 15-inch tablet located on the center console. Because the design Tesla showed off was so outside the norm, many Tesla enthusiasts began speculating that Tesla must have a cool and advanced design it was planning to show us later on down the line. This speculation was only fueled by coy remarks from Tesla CEO Elon Musk who said via Twitter that everything would all make sense soon enough. Responding to a question about the lack of a dashboard/HUD, Musk last April said that "it will make sense after part 2 of the Model 3 unveil." Of course, part 2 of the Model 3 unveil came and went and we still didn't hear anything about Tesla's plans for the dashboard area. Meanwhile, speculation surrounding Tesla's plans to incorporate a futuristic HUD on the Model 3 began to grow wildly. Looking to keep expectations grounded, Musk over the past few days has come out and said that the Model 3 will not have a HUD and that users won't really care. Musk later added that drivers don't need an instrument cluster on the dash because "the more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need." Driving the point home, Musk asked the following question: "How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?" All that said, the Model 3 dashboard will more or less look like this. While such a design may make sense in a world where cars are fully autonomous, the reality is that many drivers today not only want, but need quick and easy access to pertinent information like range, speed and more. Addressing this, Musk took to Twitter once again where he explained that the final Model 3 design will display such information on the center console.   Kremlin: Child Protesters Were Paid Russian officials trot out an old tactic to minimize protests Supreme Court nominee to face confirmation vote April 7: Senate leader By Lawrence Hurley and Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that the Senate would have a final vote on April 7 on President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, even as more Democrats opposed his confirmation The Gorsuch nomination, McConnell told reporters, will hit the Senate floor next week after the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday approves him. McConnell added that Gorsuch will be “confirmed on Friday" of next week. U.S. senator launches probe into five top opioid drugmakers (Reuters) - U.S. Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill sought on Tuesday details from the nation's top opioid drugmakers on their sales and marketing practices, as lawmakers step up efforts to tackle the country's deadly opioid crisis. The Missouri senator's investigation comes amid an epidemic of opioid addiction, with 91 Americans dying everyday as a result of overdose, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "This epidemic is the direct result of a calculated sales and marketing strategy major opioid manufacturers have allegedly pursued over the past 20 years to expand their market share," McCaskill, the top Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote in a letter to the drugmakers. Ex-Christie aides to be sentenced in New Jersey bridge case NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Two former aides to Gov. Chris Christie will be sentenced Wednesday for their roles in the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal, the closing chapter of a traffic jam that sank the Republican's presidential aspirations. Storm Chasers Killed in Collision While Tracking Tornado All three men involved - Kelley Gene Williamson, Randall Delane Yarnall and Corbin Lee Jaeger - were pronounced dead at the scene, officials said. OAS discusses Venezuela crisis, Caracas protests The Organization of American States held a special meeting on the crisis in Venezuela on Tuesday, triggering a furious reaction from the Venezuelan government and its staunchest regional allies. It comes after 14 countries in the OAS, including the United States, urged Venezuela's leftist government last week to release political prisoners and "reestablish democracy" by holding elections. In a sign that Venezuela is increasingly cornered, a total of 20 countries voted to open Tuesday's special session of the OAS Permanent Council in Washington. 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon LWB It's a van called a wagon that drives like a car. Apple Retracts iPhone 5, 5c iOS 10.3 OTA Update Apple just changed its mind about providing the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c with access to the latest iOS 10.3 OTA update. Scientists Uncover Giant Dino Tracks in 'Australia's Jurassic Park' Scientists working in "Australia's Jurassic Park" have found more than a thousand dinosaur tracks from almost two dozen species. How to Build Your Budget in Retirement The earlier you look at how much you will need during retirement, the more time you will have to adjust your current routine. Conventional wisdom is your spending will go down in retirement. For most, spending stays the same or increases, especially at the start of retirement, says Thomas J. O'Connell, president of International Financial Advisory Group in Parsippany, New Jersey. Lawyer says Trump administration moved to squelch testimony WASHINGTON (AP) — A lawyer for former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates wrote in letters last week that the Trump administration was trying to limit her testimony at congressional hearings focused on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The hearing was later canceled by the House intelligence committee chairman. Central European leaders vow not to be blackmailed by EU on migration By Pawel Sobczak WARSAW (Reuters) - The leaders of four Central European countries vowed on Tuesday not to be blackmailed by threats of financial punishment from Brussels if they don't join in the relocation of thousands of Middle Eastern and African refugees. Austria also said it will seek an exemption from having to accept more asylum-seekers, arguing that it has already taken in its fair share during Europe's migration crisis. The prime ministers of the Visegrad Group (V4) -- Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic -- said they have a sovereign right to decide how to deal with the migrants who have flooded into the continent mainly from the war in Syria. Woman strikes police cruiser near the U.S. Capitol A woman described as “erratic and aggressive” drove a vehicle into a U.S. Capitol Police cruiser near the Capitol on Wednesday morning and was taken into custody, police said. As police attempted to stop her, she made a U-turn and fled, nearly striking officers and striking at least one other vehicle, Malecki said. Two Miami police officers shot in ambush-style attack Two plainclothes police detectives in Miami were wounded when a group of men fired dozens of shots into their unmarked car Monday night in an ambush, the Miami-Dade Police Department said. Police apprehended several suspects early Tuesday and charges were pending, police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said by phone. The attack on the detectives occurred as they conducted surveillance for gang activity outside an apartment complex in northwestern Miami, police said in a news release. Hong Kong-style waffles make their way to American weddings ABC News' Charli James discovers a new sweet treat taking weddings and social media by storm. WRHL 2017-03-30T12:34:23Z